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Originated from Finland, BioMintec Environment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (BME) was established in 2009 and was one of the leading brands of air pollution control in China. BME is mainly engaged in industrial unorganized dust, waste gas control and regional atmospheric environment monitoring, providing comprehensive intelligent environmental protection processes, solutions and operation services for enterprises and industrial parks. Its services covers many industries including steel, mining, coking, sand and gravel aggregates, building materials, furniture, chemicals, printing and packaging, automotive spraying, coating, etc.




Built assembly center
First undertaking the Innovation Fund Project


    Built a dust science laboratory
high-tech enterprises


    Undertake Zhangjiang special key projects
 High-tech achievements transformation project


    Re-investment in innovation fund projects


    Little Giant (cultivating) company
 Upgrade lab
 Expansion assembly center


    Specialized New Enterprises
 Patent work pilot enterprise
 Integrity AAA Enterprise


    Won the brand cultivation demonstration enterprise
  Participation in the National Prime Minister Fund Project


BME products, technology and engineering have won the honors such as “National Key New Products”, “National Environmental Protection Key Demonstration Technology”, “National Key Environmental Demonstration Project”, “Green Mine Practical Technology Advanced Equipment” and “Geneva International Invention Award”. It has been recognized as a “high-tech enterprise”, a “specialized special new enterprise”, a “little giant cultivation enterprise” and a “leading talent enterprise”.

Specialized New Enterprises

Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant (cultivating) enterprise

Shanghai Landmark Development Contribution Award

Geneva International Invention Award

Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise

Shanghai Excellent Invention Gold Award

AAA Credit Enterprise

Shanghai landmarks make outstanding contributions

Shanghai environmental protection products

National key new products

high-tech enterprises

2014 high-tech conversion best of 100

Shanghai leading talent

2014 National Key Protection Technology

2014 National Key Environmental Protection Technology Demonstration Project

2013 national key protection technology

Invention and Entrepreneurship Gold Award

ISO14001 certification

ISO9001 certification

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